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Harness Native AI Technology


At Pivot88, our commitment to harnessing native AI technology is not just about keeping pace with the times – it's about setting the pace. As pioneers in integrating cutting-edge applied Artificial Intelligence into supply chain operations, we are at the forefront of an exciting revolution.  

Our journey with AI began with a vision to transform supply chain management into a faster, more accurate process for greater efficiency. Today, we stand as leaders in this emerging space, having laid the groundwork with two powerful AI solutions – and we're just getting started.


AI Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Trace: Traceability and Automated Supply Chain Mapping

AI-Powered Supply Chain Mapping

Pivot88’s innovative AI uses existing documentation to automatically map your supply chain to the Nth tier, creating unrivaled visibility. Our intelligence even validates entities based on their GPS coordinates, offering an extra layer of protection and eliminating risks created by unreliable self-reporting. 

Assured Compliance

Our AI intelligently automatically scans documentation, ranging from material orders to logistics records and more, to proactively vet supplier and product compliance, crosschecking suppliers against blacklisted entities to instantly alert you to any risks or discrepancies. This level of detail provides unparalleled transparency that's crucial for complying with ever-mounting global due diligence regulations 

Instant Chain of Custody Documentation

With Pivot88, the once lofty endeavor of establishing chain of custody is now remarkably simple. Our intelligence automatically charts and traces your products’ origins down to the fourth tier – from farms to mills to fabricators – and builds the chain of custody required by the Uyghur Forced Labor Protection Act (UFLPA) and other laws. 




Transparency: Intelligent Risk Rating

Predictive Analysis

Our AI's predictive capabilities are unrivaled. By analyzing historical data about quality performance, it calculates the risk of an order line failing inspection with remarkable accuracy. This feature is particularly beneficial for anticipating and managing potential issues before they escalate, offering a proactive approach to quality control. 

Visual Risk Assessment

The power of our AI is not just in its analysis but also in its actionable presentation. The system displays risk assessments in an intuitive, color-coded format, making it easy to act on. Green, yellow, and red indicators provide at-a-glance insights about the risk level of each order. Additionally, the AI highlights the key attributes contributing to the risk, offering deeper insights into potential problem areas.

Harnessing Applied AI

The Pivot88 Edge

At Pivot88, we don't just use AI; we harness its full potential to offer solutions that are not only innovative but also intuitive and user-friendly. Join us as we continue to explore and integrate cutting-edge AI solutions to shape the future of supply chain management. 

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